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Truth about computer security hysteria
Truth About Computer Security Hysteria

I purposely slept in late. And you?

Rob Rosenberger, Vmyths co-founder
Wednesday, 10 November 1999

I RESEARCHED BUBBLEBOY yesterday and I knew it would create a media circus today. Guess what I did this morning? Answer: I followed my regular morning ritual. Specifically, I:

  1. slept in late (I'm on a great job sabbatical)
  2. took a shower
  3. checked my laptop's screen saver to see if it needed to acquire more SETI data
  4. checked my phone messages while logging onto the Internet

I knew reporters would flood me with BubbleBoy queries — yet I still slept in late, took a shower, and checked my laptop's screen saver.
I'd like to know how many people file for overtime this week just because the media scared them.

I didn't run around with my head chopped off just because BubbleBoy exists. I figure hundreds of security experts and thousands of LAN administrators made up for it by chopping their own heads off.

Hmmm! Can I get a report of how many people file for overtime this week just because the media scared them? "Let me get this straight, Kathy. You want four overtime hours for 'Internet research' Tuesday night, another three overtime hours Wednesday for doing the same thing, and another 19 hours of overtime on top of it to make sure everyone installed a patch which came out in August? Kathy, my calendar says November. Why didn't you surf the web and install this patch two months ago on regular time?"

Ken Bechtel (Team Anti-Virus) admits he will file for overtime at his day job — but not because the media scared him. "I was reponding to telephone calls & email from concerned users who were panicked by the press. That's exactly what they were: panicked."